Grape Seed oil-100% natural product without preservatives.

Grape Seed oil-100% natural product without preservatives.
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It consists of 70% essential fatty acids / linoleic, oleic, palmitic / contains natural antioxidants. Extracted by cold pressing technology in which most of its benefits are best preserved. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin, unites and retains moisture, very suitable for massage. The oil gives the skin elasticity, softness, it improves blood circulation. Has a natural SPF. It has the ability to regulate fatty secretion, it  has a slight tightening effect and is suitable for oily and mixed skin, acne, cellulite. For the treatment of damaged and stressed tissues, as it has regenerative properties, which allow to maintain the water balance of the skin. It has been extremely effective in restoring the eye area; it stimulates collagen synthesis, maintaining elasticity of breasts. Helps with hair loss, varicose veins and cuperosis.


Massage: for stress reduce, fatigue and complete relaxation. The oil in its pure form is used to massage the face and body for nourished and smooth skin. For greater effect of the massage oil, add 1 to 3% essential oils.

Hair roots massage – Apply to clean hair oil and massage into the roots or the hair if damaged. Leave the oil for at least 20-30 minutes, after that wash with shampoo.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dark place at 7-25C. At  very low temperatures the oil gets darker and thicker, but when heated the oil returns back to its normal condition. If  stored improperly, it becomes rancid. It is recommended that you use the oil three months after opening the bottle at most.

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